Past Contributions


  • Steve Howard, Paul Bunyan Telephone, and Jay Hanke, Mankato Networks talked about workarounds to the “Chicago Problem”
  • The only viable solution was to create an Internet Exchange Point in the upper Midwest
  • After leaving the meeting, a LinkedIn group was created an invitations were sent out to our connections.
  • An informal meeting was scheduled July 29 and a steering committee was appointed (Dave Farmer, Mike Horwath, Jay Hanke).
  • The steering committee created an Operations and Technical committee.
  • Cologix (was: FWR Communications) donated space and power in The Minnesota Gateway (the "511 building") in downtown Minneapolis.
  • Fiber Minnesota and ipHouse donated use of switching hardware.
  • The exchange had 7 peering members by March 2011 plus connectivity to the Northern Lights GigaPOP.
  • By October 2011, there were 25+ peering members.
  • In October 2013, there were over 35 directly connected networks.
  • In October 2014, there were 45 directly connected networks.
  • For the current participants count, see the participants page.