Bilateral peering

Traffic exchanged directly between two members of the exchange over the shared exchange fabric.

Multilateral peering

Traffic exchanged directly between members wishing to peer directly with any carrier.

Direct content access

Content participants include:

Akamai, Amazon, Apple, CloudFlare, Facebook/Meta, Fastly, Google, Limelight, Microsoft, Netflix, and Oath

Connecting to MICE

Contact for details on connecting to MICE. As part of the connection process, you will need to complete the MICE Order Form.

Orders will be cancelled if the port is not active (linked and exchanging traffic) within 180 days. MICE can extend this upon request.

Port Fees

MICE charges fees for ports on the core switches. Port fees are for the calendar year. No refunds will be given.

Port fees are subject to change. To receive notice of fee changes, join the MICE-ANNOUNCE mailing list. To participate in MICE governance, join the MICE-DISCUSS mailing list and/or attend User Group meeings (in person or via conference call).

The first 10G port is 250 USD/year. Additional 10G ports are 1,000 USD/year. More than four ports requires board approval.

A 100G port is 3,000 USD/year. We currently have no limit for 100G ports besides available ports and reasonable technical need.

These are port fees, so remote switch operators pay for the ports they use. MICE does not charge participants who connect to a remote switch. Charges between remote switch operators and participants connected to their switches are not controlled by MICE.

Upgrades will be held if the participant is past due on existing billing. Ports are subject to disconnection (and termination of membership) if past due.

Mid-year changes will be pro-rated to the day the new port is ready on the MICE side. The pro-rated credit from the old port(s) will offset the pro-rated charges from the new port(s).

Participants may disconnect (and resign membership) at any time by notifying MICE may disconnect a port (and expel a member) at any time, with notice per the procedure outlined in the bylaws.


The exchange is provided on an “as is” basis. MICE disclaims all warranties and service guarantees.

Neither party shall, in any event, regardless of the form of claim, be liable for any indirect, special, punitive, exemplary, speculative or consequential damages (including lost profits or revenues), subject to the foregoing and not withstanding anything to the contrary elsewhere contained herein, the maximum aggregate liability of either party shall not exceed, regardless of the form of claim, the fees paid or payable by Participant to MICE during the 12-month period preceding the incident.

Security & Privacy

Management access to the exchange's core switches is restricted to technical committee members. Traffic will only be inspected or stored (e.g. packet captured) for troubleshooting technical problems or when legally required.